The Top 10 Most Bizarre Personal Virtual Assistant Tasks

personalEach of us has our own share of things that we deal with in our lives, and sometimes we just don’t have enough time to deal with them all.

Are you a busy executive coming to terms with the fact that multitasking doesn’t seem to work anymore? You have to prepare a report for the upcoming meeting. Then you still have bills waiting to be paid. And a lot more on your to-do list to follow! You might think of hiring a personal assistant who you can reach out to everyday.

Sounds good. There are many personal virtual assistants available from just about any point on the globe. And like the traditional assistants you personally deal with everyday, virtual assistants can provide you with the same quality output for the tasks you assign – both the usual and the uncommon. Check out some of the following personal virtual assistant tasks:

  1. Giving you updates
    So what can a personal virtual assistant offer? Just about anything you can think of. As part of , personal virtual assistants give you updates about recent news, weather and other things you need to know. You may even ask your Virtual Assistant to give you a wake up call or send you constant reminder before every appointment.
  2. Tidying up your house
    Away for a much deserved vacation or just out of town for an extended business trip? Your personal virtual assistant can coordinate to have your home ready when you get back by contacting people who will be responsible for cleaning and can coordinate repairs.
  3. Weight loss
    It is never easy to lose weight. Put these tasks on your personal virtual assistant’s task list. With the help of a personal virtual assistant, researching food and exercise options, you’ll have a much easier time focusing on your diet rather than researching dietary details. The personal virtual assistant serves as the reminder of the clients vis-a-vis their diet routines as well as recording their progress.
  4. Lost & Found
    Some clients also ask this of their personal assistant. For example, one client’s dog got out and ran away, so the personal virtual assistant posted ads and classifieds in the local newspaper, had flyers printed at the local print shop, and had neighborhood residents post the flyers all over the city… all while the client was at work!
  5. Built-in GPS
    Being lost once in a while is just normal. That’s why it’s better to have someone with you all the time. With a personal virtual assistant, you’ll feel secure knowing you have someone to help whenever you get lost in an unfamiliar place.
  6. Planning a wedding
    It is no doubt difficult to organize a party, let alone a wedding. But with a personal virtual assistant you can be assured that you will have a grand wedding without exerting too much effort.
  7. Referee
    In some instances, a personal virtual assistant acts as a referee between a conflicting couple – as a confidant and liaison. This is probably the oddest task a client may assign to his VA.
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  9. Educating
    A qualified personal virtual assistant can even be a tutor or virtual teacher for a variety of subjects and educational levels.
  10. Planning a party
    In cases where the client plans to hold a celebration, he sometimes asks for the assistance of a personal virtual assistant to organize the event. Your virtual assistant will do everything possible to ensure that your party guests’ experience is a pleasurable one.
  11. Snowed-In?
    Clients even call at some point just because of problems concerning the result of a blizzard that hit his place – he has to get to work, and doesn’t have time to shovel the driveway. So, the personal virtual assistant can coordinate the snow to be cleared while the client is preparing for work.

Personal Virtual Assistant Tasks range from the simplest ones to the most bizarre works that a client can ask, like the tasks listed above. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that to a personal virtual assistant, anything is possible. VA companies offer a wide range of services that exclusively cater to the benefit of the client.

Got anything bizarre you want somebody to do? A personal virtual assistant can help you. Contact a virtual assistant company now and hire your personal VA.