A Quick Guide to Finding Your Effective Personal Virtual Assistant

You got the clumsiest and most disorganized personal virtual assistant in the world, and now you feel like ripping your hair out…. What now?

You are on the verge of breaking down! Hiring an incompetent and untrustworthy personal virtual assistant is one of the biggest mistakes you could commit. So there you are again, looking for someone who can do all the things your previous personal virtual assistant once did for you.

When hiring a personal virtual assistant, there are four important qualities that you should look for. Examine these following attributes so you can get the best person to lighten up your workload and brighten up your day once more:

1. Organized

  • Doesn’t eat up his boss’ entire time. To prevent redundancy and unnecessary meetings, a personal virtual assistant should learn to use 5 W’s when getting instructions from you. This includes Who, What, Where, When and Why.
  • Manages time effortlessly. This involves prioritizing and organizing his tasks to in a specific time and order.
  • Keeps the time. An organized personal virtual assistant serves as his boss’ personal diary. He remembers all the dates, important occasions and other personal elements about his boss.

2. Efficient

  • Is good at solving problems. When confronted with problems, an efficient personal virtual assistant can automatically suggest valuable options or do research and present to his boss the pros and cons and the do’s and don’ts for that situation.
  • Has good oral and written communication skills. You definitely want a personal virtual assistant who is a good verbal communicator. More often than not, your PVA speaks on your behalf and negotiates with others for time and resources. So, he or she must have the ability to influence other people.
  • In addition, written communication skills must also be included here. Your personal virtual assistant may have to respond to a lot of messages on your behalf through emails or letters. For some time, he or she will be asked to write reports and executive summaries for your company.

3. Self-Motivated

  • Knows your preferences as his boss. Your personal virtual assistant should learn to understand your likes, dislikes, and your interests. He or she should also be familiar with your thought processes behind making a certain decision. This way, you can achieve your business or project goals, even when you’re out.
  • Understands the value of your business or company. It’s helpful for your personal virtual assistant to take note of your company’s goals and objectives. Adequate knowledge about your company as well as your customers and competitors often leads to better judgment and decision-making on his or her part.
  • Considers his or her boss as his mentor. It is interesting to know that you and your personal virtual assistant have some sort of familiarization activities once in a while. By that, you will discover the problems and challenges your PVA might be facing. At the same time, he or she performs valuable analysis of your priorities and ideas. This is called teamwork.
  • Is not too self-satisfied. It is so rewarding to have a personal virtual assistant who knows how to attain continuous self-development, as there is always a room for improvement, no matter what the task.

4. IT Literate

  • Is computer and Internet savvy. You may often require your personal virtual assistant to perform some data entry jobs or data presentation. All these require knowledge of various applications like MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. They may also perform research and development tasks that require adeptness in the use of search engines. Simply put, make the computer and its applications the best friends of your personal virtual assistant.

Becoming an effective personal virtual assistant requires a variety of skills, attitudes, and competencies. With the above-mentioned list of qualities as your guide, search for an effective personal virtual assistant that outshines the rest!