3 Major Troubles and Surefire Solutions in Hiring a Personal Virtual Assistant

It’s better to be safe than sorry…

Outsourcing business tasks to any online service provider can present many potential risks to your business. Obtaining the services of a personal virtual assistant, for instance, can often be troublesome if you don’t know how to get the right person for the job. There’s nothing scarier than hiring an untrustworthy and incompetent personal virtual assistant to do important things in your business.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn the common troubles ahead of time that you might encounter while on the hunt for a personal virtual assistant? You should take time to consider the corresponding solutions for this. Take a look at these points:

  1. You might find an unqualified or unreliable personal virtual assistant. As mentioned earlier, an untrustworthy and incompetent personal virtual assistant can easily become the most unwanted person in your company. These people can’t get your tasks done at the pace that you require, or cannot deliver the high-quality results that you want to achieve. There may be times that you have to actually babysit them or you’ll wind up incurring many costs for their continual training.

    You don’t have to put an “I Don’t Want an Incompetent Personal Virtual Assistant” tag around your neck, you just need to find your VA through quality BPO companies who are capable of providing an assistant that is CERTIFIED and ideal for what you are looking for. The word ‘certified’ here means that the virtual assistant is properly qualified, and is proficient in reading, writing, listening and speaking English, is Internet and computer savvy, and dedicated.

    If you are aiming to obtain the services of a personal virtual assistant firm, find a company that has maintenance staff, on-site personnel management and a customer service representative that you can speak with personally whenever you need to.

  2. You might be spending too much. While searching for the right personal virtual assistant, you might discover something that might upset you – there is a good chance that you may be overpaying for services. There are some cases where some companies might want to charge you a set-up fee before you can hire a virtual assistant. If you are charged a setup fee, make sure you know what the fee entails, and that it is merited.

  3. You don’t have absolute control of your remote worker. When you have actual employees, it’s also likely that you have a manager that ensures all your work gets done with quality results. In the case of a virtual assistant, you’re the manager. You must make sure that your expectations are being met in a timely fashion, and identify any bottlenecks quickly and address them accordingly.

  4. Of course, you want a personal virtual assistant that works adequately, and you’ll want to compensate them reasonably in return. First, you have to get them from the a reputable source, as mentioned previously. It is also important that your personal virtual assistant gains satisfaction from their job, and enjoys working for you.

    These are some of the more common concerns regarding the use of a virtual assistant; however, with the proper mindset and strategic planning, you can easily overcome these obstacles.